PvP broken down for any platform of gaming

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PvP broken down for any platform of gaming

Post by Drag Harlen on Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:21 pm

The fundamentals of PvP should be based on solely on the mechanics of gameplay, each field of character will have it's own defense and offense that will balance out with an opposing player. It will all come down to who has the best gear, weapon and skill access setup for the best combinations of attack, in SWG the Commando was the Alpha PvP character in Restuss for the longest time.

The combination of AOE's and DoT's can overwhelm an opponent when well executed, no matter what the combat class is.

I suggest posting PvP videos and the"Art of War" videos by Sun Tzu.

These do help quite a bit when it comes to preparing for a fierce competition.
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